Sitting and listening

November 15, 2015

I have never been diagnosed with ADHD, or any hyperactive disorder. In fact, I have always been told how laid back, easy going and calm I am. 

As calm, laid back and easy going as I am, one of the most difficult things for me to do is to sit still and listen to someone for long periods of time. 

Yesterday, was spent at a seminar. This entailed sitting and listening for long periods of time. In spite of the fact that the subject was very interesting to me, I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. My legs and back ached, I struggled to keep my eyes open and my brain registered possibly 30% of the information given. 

On the journey home, as I struggled to remain awake long enough to get to my destination, my thoughts went out to most school children, who experience this on a daily basis. 

Why do we expect our youth to be sedentary for most of their day?

Why do we expect our youth to absorb copious amounts of verbal information? 

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