Reviews by parents

Our children have really thrived at the school and we are delighted that they are also learning about life skills which are not usually taught at schools – from cooking and cleaning, to visiting old people’s homes! Half of the teachers only speak Dutch to the kids which has meant that our children’s Dutch has improved immensely which is great. Individual teaching and mixed age groups means that our kids can really learn at their own pace.

Mari Hietala-David

Daughter age 8 and son age 6


Our daughter is 5 years old and she has been attending 21st Century Global School for almost a year. In this year she has become fluent in Dutch and now speaks 3 languages all day in school (German because we're a German family, English because we lived in America, Dutch because she learned it in school). 

The children in this school come from many different countries (including the Netherlands) but there is no language barrier here. Many of them simply communicate in multiple languages.

The variety of projects and topics they are working on ranging from gardening, to environmentalism, technology, biology, history, music and art, social interaction, nutrition and many more, lead to a broad, fun and challenging learning environment. Where often times they don't realise they are learning something. Learning, by doing, observing, understanding.

The mixed aged groups (4-12 years) in the school and in the projects they are doing, lead to respect and friendship between the kids no matter the age.

 The kids can also work together on building projects outside, climb trees and do garden work which keeps them connected with nature even in school. Yes, they do get dirty in school!

We've seen our daughter's positive development over the past year, the language, the social skills, the eagerness to ask questions, to truly understand things and the development of her new skills: reading, writing and calculating. 

We are very happy with the school.

Inge Echterholter

Daughter age 5


The minute my son entered the school in 2016 he was comfortable in his place; teachers and fellow students are very kind and welcoming. They treat each other with respect and look after each other whether they are big or small; they are a community, and that comes back in the daily school day.The teachers at school are really dedicated and give the space to the child to grow in his/her natural way. The children get stimulated to invent things, make things, get to explore music, cook together, eat together,  meditate and exercise, etc.  And so when the time comes to pick up my son from school, he never wants to go home. He has made some wonderful progress not only in education but his personality too! 

Stephanie Selhorst

son age 10


Our son has been attending 21st CGS for a year now. In September he will turn 6. Prior to this school, he went to a regular school for a whole school year. Even though we liked the regular school (which was also a relatively small school) there is really no comparison with the 21st CGS. This school is different in every single (positive) way. Most importantly, our son is happy. It's clear to see that he likes going to school, he enjoys the company of his schoolmates and he loves all his teachers. The fact that the school is relatively small, with different age groups all mingled together like a family, makes him feel safe. The children are all different from each other, but they all seem to respect each other. Every child fits into the group. There is a lot of room for personal attention from the teachers. This makes it possible for them to encourage, coach or correct children promptly. The children don't relate to their school as an "institution" but rather as a "community". It is sometimes difficult to get our son to come home with us after school, because he still wants to play with his schoolmates or finish some project that they're working on. 


We strongly believe that all children would thrive in this form of education. The children feel safe and are encouraged to show themselves. Their natural appetite for learning is challenged. Unlike in regular schools with large groups, teachers in this school seem to spend little time keeping order in the classroom (which in fact doesn't exist), because the children are simply focused on their own work. We have seen a steep learning curve with our son. The fact that he is also starting to speak a second language (English) is a nice bonus!


We highly recommend this school to any parent that wants more for their children.


Paul Hissink

Son age 5